the right stuff

What kind of job are you prepared for with a degree in poetry?

None. That’s what socially awkward Tru Stanhope learns when she loses her fortune. Now she just needs to turn her one remaining asset profitable so she can afford business school–but the infuriatingly hot Nate McKendrick refuses to sell his half. And he thinks he can use all that alpha, growly hotness and the way he fills out his jeans to sway her opinion by taking her to bed. The joke’s on him–she’s glacier frigid. Just ask her ex…the bigamist who embezzled her inheritance.

She might highbrow and pretentious–but she is not frigid. And he can prove it.

Nate McKendrick liked his solitary life just fine before Tru brought trouble and her little yappy dog to darken his door. But he’s not a man to back down from a challenge, and his mousy little scholar needs a tutor in the worst…and best…way. He’ll show her how to find her confidence in bed, and then he’ll show her the door.


Author Confession: Opposites attract, and no one is more opposite than this grumpy blue collar hero and the snooty intellectual he can’t get rid of. His plan to scare her off with multiple…um…arrivals (if you know what I mean) doesn’t work quite the way he intends it to. Because once she figures out she’s not frigid after all? It’s game on..