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She thinks I can have any woman I want. I want her.

I reluctantly agreed to spend the holidays in picturesque Maple Grove to transition to life after the Army. I’m a drifter now and have no business getting involved with my buddy’s family—especially with his sweet little sister who pretends she’s frumpy and boring to ward off attention from men.Men like me.I have no plans for Emily other than being an extra brother for a week. That’s what I tell myself. I really should let her be, but the harder she tries to hide, the more determined I am to seek. Under those baggy clothes and plain, simple looks is a woman who deserves to know how desirable she is.

Author’s Confession: You must know by now that I love my tropes, right? Military romance, age gap, opposites attracting like, whoa, small town, older brother’s best friend, wallflower, ugly duckling, holiday romance complete with snow, Santa, and caroling during a fistfight. Oh, and pudding. Let’s get figgy with it.