Bounced: A Blue Collar Bad Boys Book


They call me Anvil.
It’s not my real name, but that’s what it feels like when my meaty fist comes down on you if you misbehave in the road house where I work.
I’ve seen some crazy stuff as a bouncer. I thought I’d seen it all.
But I’ve never seen anything like her. Just one look and I knew my life was never going to be the same.
She’s sweet, innocent, and looking for trouble.
She found it.
I’m big and mean and more trouble than she ever imagined. I’m going to mess up all her carefully laid plans. And I’m going to make her mine.
I’m a careful girl. Life is too dangerous not to be. I have a plan. Goals. And none of them include an overly-muscled, tattooed, possessive bouncer with an eye patch from the road house just outside of city limits.
I just wanted one night off from being perfect, boring, and careful.
He’s too much man for a girl like me. Too intense. Too visceral.
But I don’t think he’s going to let me go.

Author’s Confession: I don’t even know if this could happen in real life. Luckily, it’s a book. That means the hot, tatted, beardy bouncer can totally take one look at the virgin college student studying actuarial science and know he’s going to marry the sh@t out of her. Right?


I’m not the kind of guy you leave alone in your house.
I’m especially not the kind you leave alone with your innocent daughter.
My newest client doesn’t seem to care. He just wants his office remodeled.
His college-aged daughter isn’t my usual type, but under those prim clothes and too big glasses, the sweet little bookworm hides a tight little body that's tempting AF.
I make her nervous.
I should.
I'm going to make her mine.
She doesn’t know about men yet...
She's about to learn.
Dad's carpenter makes me feel things I don’t understand.
I don’t have any experience with older guys like him, or any guys really.
They look at me and see a quiet nerd. But this bad boy—I feel like he sees right through me.
Like he knows the dirty fantasies that haunt my dreams. The things I do under the covers.
He makes me needy and breathless.
But I’m shy and awkward—what do I have to offer a man like him?
Author's Confession: This book is super sweet, unfailingly filthy, and the heroine is nerdilicious. And who doesn't love a bad boy who's good with his hands? Very good with his hands. Very, very good.


Four years ago, my buddy’s dying words to me were to watch out for his little sister.
I did what he asked from afar, I asked her to “housesit” for me since I’m hardly ever home when I’m working on the oil rig. My condo is just a place to store my stuff.

She’ll always have what she needs to be happy, protected, and safe.

I’ve made sure of it since she was a teenager.

But now I’m injured and have to recuperate at home, and my extra-curvy housesitter is anything but safe from me.

She’s the homebody type. She’ll make some man an excellent wife someday, be a good mother. She likes taking care of people. It would be wrong AF to take her the way I want to, but it would feel so right.

When she comes to me for advice about how to get a boyfriend and how to keep him, I’m done playing her silent guardian.

I’ll teach her everything she needs to know about pleasing a man—me.
She says all she’s ever really wanted to do was be a mama. And now I can’t stop thinking of putting my baby in her belly.



Author’s Confession: This story is trope soup and I loved every minute of writing it. Don’t believe me? Older man/ younger woman. First time. Roommates. Older brother’s best friend. BBW heroine. Alpha real man hero. Guardian/Ward. Breeding romance. Insta-lust. Heck, if I’d have given one of them amnesia, we’d have a serious drinking game!


I knew the moment I saw her bent over the hood of her car on the side of the road that Layna was trouble. It looked like the opening scene from a porno—a shapely blonde in a short skirt waiting for me to tow her sports car out of a ditch and dirty up that sweet, pure body with my filthy mechanic hands. I could hear the bow-chicka-bow-wow soundtrack in my head. Then she opened her sassy mouth and everything about my reclusive, sensible, quiet life changed because Layna is not reclusive, sensible, or quiet.


Unfortunately, she’s also mine.


We both knew it right away, whether we wanted it or not. But she’s got her demons, and I’ve got my work cut out for me.


She thinks I’m big, surly, and overprotective. She has no idea. Whatever she’s running from, I’m going to fix. Whatever she needs, I’m going to give her.  And the sooner she figures out what she needs is me, the better off we’ll both be.


Author’s confession: Like all my Blue Collar Bad Boys, this hero is outrageous, excessive, overblown (heh), and overdone. Just the way we like them. He’s dirty; she’s sweet. He’s from the wrong side of the tracks. She’s a poor, little rich girl. It’s trope heaven up in here. Also, not to spoil anything but there might be neckties and bedposts happening. What would you do if the dude on this cover was bound and determined to let you do whatever you wanted to his body?




I’m in over my head with these kids, but I’m all the family they have left after my sister and her husband are killed. I’m a bricklayer, what do I know about twin baby girls? Nothing. Thank God for the sweet girl-next-door.

But she’s a blessing and a curse.

I’ve practically moved the poor girl in to help me care for these babies, but playing house is stirring up all kinds of feelings that should never see the light of day. I know she’s got a crush on me, but what I want to do to her body would crush her innocence forever.

She’s too sweet, too innocent, and way too young for a perv like me.


Mr. Webster is trying so hard to do the right thing, take care of everyone. But who takes care of him? I know under normal circumstances, I would hardly even register on his radar, but lately, when he looks at me, I feel like there’s more between us than there should be. Maybe more than he wants.

He works so hard. Provides for his nieces. Makes sure I’m a happy babysitter. But he’s so tense. So unhappy.

I want to give him something.

Something he wants. Something he needs. Something no man has ever had before.


Author's Confession: Writing this series is like eating candy for dinner. I'm like...sorry not sorry. Conner is the book boyfriend you want in your life. I promise. And if you ever had a crush on the DILF while babysitting, this book is for you.



My name is Sergeant Charlie Warner.

Or it was.

I’m a retiring soldier, just got out, with no family of my own, and I reluctantly agreed to spend the holidays in picturesque Maple Grove to transition to life after the Army. I’m a drifter now and have no business getting involved with my buddy’s family—especially with his sweet little sister who pretends she’s frumpy and boring to ward off attention from men.

Men like me.

I have no plans for Emily other than being an extra brother for a week. That’s what I tell myself. I really should let her be, but the harder she tries to hide, the more determined I am to seek. Under those baggy clothes and plain, simple looks is a woman who deserves to know how desirable she is. She thinks I can have any woman I want.

And I want her.

Author's Confession: You must know by now that I love my tropes, right? Military romance, older man/younger woman, opposites attracting like whoa, small town, older brother's best friend, ugly duckling who's really a swan (though an introverted swan), holiday romance complete with snow, Santa suits, and caroling during a fight scene. Oh, and pudding. Let's get figgy with it.



After serving five years of a ten-year sentence for a crime I didn’t commit, coming home after being vindicated should be my triumph. All I want is the life I was supposed to have as the once golden boy of this town—a thriving farm, a strong family, and a house full of kids. I guess I should have learned by now that nothing is fair, and I’ll have to work just as hard to make it on the outside as I did to survive in prison.

The fields are fallow, my house is falling down around my nearly catatonic father, and my ex-girlfriend is somebody else’s wife now. But I’m not giving up. I’ll replant the crops, fix the house, and find a wife. Not in that order, because a man has needs, and mine have been denied too long.

The quirky, extra-curvy waitress at the diner could use someone looking out for her, and I need a favor in return. Starting with a baby.

This farmer is about to take a wife.

I hope she’s ready for me.

Author’s Confession: Well, there’s a lot of plowing and seeding on the farm, yeah? Prepare yourself accordingly. 

(If you like alpha hero, bbw heroine, insta-everything set in a small town you are set.)


Save a horse…

Ruby Grant is dead-broke when she wins an all-inclusive vacation to Paradise Hotel in Wyoming. She can’t wait to sip expensive champagne while lounging in a bathtub full of bubbles. To her horror, she discovers “Paradise” is actually Pair-A-Dice Ranch and nothing like the brochure. She’s ready to hop on the next plane back to LA, but sexy cowboy Dusty Cassidy offers her an irresistible deal if she’ll stay. This may not be the vacation she envisioned, but Dusty is just the man for her needs—whether he knows it or not, he’s going to be her first lover.

Ride a cowboy…

Dusty can’t decide if Ruby is an angel in white or the daughter of the devil. Her curves are so dangerously sexy they should be outlawed. All his time and energy belongs to the ranch, so he definitely doesn’t need a pretty little city girl tempting him away from his chores. Fortunately, she’ll only be on the ranch for a week, so he won’t have to worry about any expectations. But when her vacation comes to an end, will he be able to let her go?

Author’s confession: Yeehaw! You know by now that I love my tropes. If you love cowboys, Dusty is going to steal your freaking heart faster than he steals Ruby’s virginity. If you’re tired of billionaires and want a real man hero, this book is for you. It doesn’t hurt that, like all my bad boy heroes, he’s really a gooey alphamallow on the inside. (If you’re one of my “safe read” lovers, you can rest easy. No other woman drama here.)


He’s a warrior with no battle. A cop with no bad guy. A man with no purpose.

When my best friend and ERU partner was blown up by a bomb I should have been able to defuse, I vowed to never let anyone get that close again. I’m just drifting through life, and that’s okay with me. If I can’t feel, I can’t hurt.

Until I meet my neighbor.

I’ve been doing my best to avoid the too-pretty pregnant girl next door. She stirs too many things inside me I have no business feeling. She’s too young, too fresh, too pregnant with someone else’s kid for me to be fantasizing about.

Until the day I can’t ignore her anymore.

Hillary is a born caretaker, but nobody takes care of her. She’s alone in the world, but not for much longer, not with the way that baby dances in her belly. She’s all the things I try to stay away from—optimistic, uncommonly sweet, and oh, yeah, she’s somehow still a virgin.

Author’s Confession: You read that right. She’s a pregnant virgin. I probably don’t need to say anything else to get you to one-click at this point, but I’ll go ahead and tell you the bomb technician will make your heart go BOOM. He’s the alpha caretaker you want guarding your six. And your nine…